Research Methods in Psychology PSYC 362 Posters (Stebbins)

Faculty mentor: Hilary Stebbins

Students taking Research Methods in Psychology are tasked with generating a novel research question, designing a study to answer that question, and analyzing and interpreting data within the context of their original hypotheses. These posters represent the culmination of this semester-long project. 

Title: Benevolent Sexism on Perceived Competence and Indirect Aggression in Women

Authors: Elsa Baumgartner, Emily Beitzell, Avery Prater, & Marissa Walia

Title: The Relationship Between Weight Perception, Perfectionism, & Level of Athletic Participation With Disordered Eating

Authors: Meaghan Comer, Maddie Shifflett, Rachel Tafoya, & Eva Waszak

Title: Manipulated Arousal and the Threat-Focus Effect on Memory

Authors: John Duvall II, Vivian Hyatt, Alexander Lee, & Katie Treichler

Title: The Relationship Between Social Anxiety, Social Rejection, and Retaliation Aggression

Authors: Jaime CaƱas, Leah Saling, Ramon Owens, & Kaitlyn Ownbey 

Title: The Interaction Between Stress and Boredom and Their Relationship With Emotional Eating

Authors: Megan Hook, Amelia Jones, Erin Pierce, & Kelsey Yates