8 Replies to “How to Create an AR Poster”

  1. Thanks for sharing your presentation, Devin, and your work with Professor Blevins! I like that, even as you’re giving a very practical tutorial about Artivive, you’re also paying tribute to Dr. James Farmer, and the final image of your work is that great quotation from him. Congratulations! Professor Richards

  2. I’d never heard of Artivive–thanks for the info. Also great to see your image of Dr. Farmer and feel the inspiration in his words.

  3. Really cool project, both as a how-to video and as a tribute to Dr. Farmer-/ kudos!

  4. What a cool project! Thanks for sharing your work, and the information about ArtVive. I also appreciate how you have honored Dr. Farmer with your work. Well done!

  5. Hi Devin,
    Thanks for sharing your work not just on how to use this Augmented Reality software, but also your work as part of the Farmer Legacy 2020 observation here at UMW! I’m delighted that you identified the AR tool Artivive—AR software I didn’t know about—and worked through its capabilities and limits. Your video provides other designers with a nice resource on how to use Artivive so they can create their own AR projects. Of course, not only are you successfully sharing here an instructional demo video, your presentation also demonstrates your James Farmer AR poster which FURTHER shows your artistic design skills in creating your own portrait of Dr. Farmer. Nicely done! Thanks again for sharing this work that demonstrates how to create AR and how much can be done with this emerging medium!

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