COMM 491: Digital Writing & Design

by Megan Marzzacco

Faculty mentor: Dr. Brenta Blevins

This semester I did an individual study focusing on creative writing and design in our digital age. I researched and worked with Dr. Blevins on the writing process, invention techniques, and publication, among other topics. I worked on taking my original pieces of writing and poetry and transforming them to a digital design using Adobe Illustrator. I posted these graphics on a public Instagram account to share my writing. In this presentation, I outline some of the most valuable lessons from my research and showcase a few of my digital designs.

COMM 491: Digital Writing & Design

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  1. Thanks for sharing your presentation, Megan, and your work with Professor Blevins! You very nicely remind of how many options there are of enhancing one’s creative writing via digital means. I also found your voice-over really calming and reassuring, itself a wonderful enhancement of your PowerPoint. Congratulations! Professor Richards

  2. I enjoyed your thoughtful consideration of process and your discussion of confidence, as well as the final product.

  3. Thank you for sharing your work, Megan! I loved hearing more about you and your thought process for design. It’s refreshing to learn about another side of you!

    Fabulous job!
    Professor Dunn

  4. Interesting project- thanks for sharing it! It was good to hear about how you used some digital tools to support your writing process, and it was good to learn more about how use of these tools can help us all engage with others and our own work. Well done!

  5. Nicely done, Megan— I like how you fuse the writing process and the visual presentation process here. As someone who teaches a lot of writing courses, it was especially interesting to see and hear you reflect on your writing process.

  6. Hi Megan,
    Thanks for sharing this reflection illustrated with examples of the application of your research throughout the semester! One of the things I appreciate about your project is how it demonstrates how poetry is being published and shared EVERY DAY through digital media, using tools like Photoshop, and circulated through social media, such as Instagram. This presentation nicely addresses how writing is created with an expectation for an audience and how having an audience (or at least the expectation of one) can impact how we write. Your reflection here also demonstrates just how much writing process work, how many decisions go into creating this work, and how the process sometimes surprises us—such as realizing that a series of poems reinforces the number three. But we never reach such surprising happenstance and creative serendipity unless we start with that first draft!

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